Life Is Not Always

             What It Seems To Be!

                                        Author: Wayne

          It all started about three years ago, when I was 13years old. I am now 16 years old. I have 3 sisters. April age 18, Heather age 15, Courtney age 5, and three brothers Jackie age 20, Wayne age 16 which is me, Dustin age 11, and JJ age 3. The oldest four of us do not live together. Jackie and April live on their own, and dad has never been in our lives. Dustin, Courtney, and JJ are half brothers, and live with him and step mom.  Mom and dad had got a divorce and mom had got their kids. My mom had found a boyfriend. He was on drugs bad like weed and meth. Well, he got mom hooked on it bad too, and she kept wanting it and wanting it. Then, she could not think right or know what she was doing. Then she started prostituting my two sisters out for drugs and money. That went on for 3or 4 years. Then my little sister Heather became pregnant and had a boy. He is now two years old and his name is Joseph. Then, we got put in foster care in Ď02í. We were all together at first, and then separated when I was fourteen.  My oldest sister April turned eighteen, and got out of states care.  I have been in six different placements since I was taken away from my mother. I am know at the Marry Kendall Home and will be moved again because this is a 30 day shelter. I am not allowed to have contact with any family or brothers or sisters. I had no one and it is hard very hard but, I made the best out of it I could, until I turned to GOD and asked GOD to come in my life and take my problems and worries, and he did. I still do worry but thatís me. I pray to him and I know that he is there for me. He loves us all very much. Iíve been a Christian since I was fourteen years old. I read the Extreme faith Holy Bible for one hour every day. I was wrong the whole time and never knew it until he knocked on the door in my heart and I let him in. Yes, I know how it is to not have any parents or even any family. Life is very hard but, you canít give up. GOD is always going to be there.  You can be or do anything you chose to do/be.  I have learned this and I am going to finish high school and go to the Air Force and go to college while in the Air Force. I am going to school to be a police officer.  Those are my plans, and I am not letting any one mess them up. Take time to find out what yours are. Remember that life is not always what it seems to be.                                                                                         

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