When I was about ten years old and I lived in Indiana, I stayed the night at my Grandpaís house sometimes. He owned a Barbershop that was hooked to his house. It was called Georgeís Barbershop. Every time that my family visited my Grandparents house, my grandpa would always give us a piece of bubble gum. One particular night, is one that I will always remember.

One night I was visiting my Grandparents and I decided to stay the night with them. My grandpa wanted me to help him clean up his barbershop. I helped him sweep and mop the floors, stacked the magazines neatly on the tables, and put the chairs in the waiting room were they belonged. When we were through, we went back up to his house to get something to eat for lunch.

After lunch he asked if he could cut my hair. I said yes. We started walking towards the shop when he stopped in the storage room and gave me a piece of gum. Then my Grandpa and I walked into the shop. I sat down in the chair while he went to get a brush for my tangled hair. While he was out of the room I began to have second thoughts about getting my hair cut. He came back and started brushing out my long and tangled hair. He sat the brush down and picked up the scissors. All I heard for about a half an hour was the sound of the scissors.

When my Grandpa was done he turned the chair I was sitting in, towards some mirrors. I just sat there for some time, just staring at the hideous haircut. My mouth opened and shut but I just couldnít find any words to say. My long tangled hair was replaced with a JOE DIRT haircut. By JOE DIRT I mean a mullet cut. My hair now, was only a pile of bangs, hair on the sides that hung just above my ears. The only thing left of my hair before the cut was now in a thin sheet hiding behind my neck.

I got out of the chair and started crying. I ran outside and sat by the pool. All I could think about was my hair. I looked into the water and saw the haircut that I had. It didnít look all that bad, but I would have to adjust to it.

Later that night, when I came in, I heard him crying in his room. I went in and gave him a hug and told him that I would eventually grow into it. He stopped crying and told me that I should get to bed.

The next morning, he woke me up before the barbershop opened. At first I didnít know what was going on until we went down to the shop. I noticed that he didnít clean up my hair from yesterday and grabbed for the broom. He took it out of my hands and sat it against the wall and then sat down in one of the barberís chairs. He told me to get a pair of scissors and cut his hair.

When he first said it I just stood there, but the second time he said I began to get to cut his hair. I didnít do it so great so I ended up shaving his hair off and he ended up bald. I turned him around to face the mirrors. He stood up and left the room. I went to follow him but he came back before I reached the door. He had two pieces of bubble gum in his hand. We both stuck a piece in our mouths and started sweeping the floor.

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