Somewhere New
by Samantha

I want to go somewhere new.

Where the skies are forever blue.

No sadness

No madness

No hatred at all.

Just good times.

No frowns would be allowed in my new town.

Except if some one dies.

Then all your friends would be there for you.

And you frown would turn into a beautiful smile.

After that the rules would re-begin to apply,

and you would realize that there’s no reason to cry.

Life goes on, even after the end.

So there’s no worries about seeing that loved one again.

My town would be the best in the world.

Everybody there would be adored.

No killing

No stealing

Because there’s no time for that nonsense.

We would all be busy living our lives,

Partying every day and night.

Not the kind of party with drugs but the kind of party with hugs.


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