The Perfect Parents

     The perfect Parents Would First off be a mom and dad that have a happy and successful    marriage. So I don’t have to hear them yelling all the time. That makes a bad impression for the young kids, siblings, and house guest. Parents who care about you more than anything and will do anything to make sure you are safe and okay. The perfect parents ask questions such as……… Are you okay? Is there anything you need? How are your grades? Did you do your homework? Do you need help with your homework? Are you hungry? And if you are bored they are willing to take you to the mall or somewhere so you can get out.

     The perfect parents will discipline you when needed. The perfect parents will put you first no matter what. The perfect parents will keep their Children safe from drugs or anything in that manor. The perfect parents will have jobs and take care of their responsibilities such as bills, food, and car payments. So we will not need anything.

     No matter what no parents are perfect. No Parents can be Perfect but no matter what my parents have done they are perfect to me.    

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