Assignment: Describe your idea of the perfect parents.

By Joseph

To me, the concept of a perfect parent is incomprehensible. Throughout life there has never been any type of “parenting guide book” with a step-by-step outline on how to raise your child. But if there were, it might still be incorrect, because every child is different and might nieed a different approach.

Even though parenting is played by ear, it’s still based on the concept of right an wrong, with a fine line between the responsibility of the child, and that of the parent. Below is a list of things I believe to be characteristics of good parents:

·        First, they would need to be understanding and look at all aspects before coming to a conclusion. This doesn’t mean letting the kids off the hook, but only looking at facts before deciding the extent of a consequence.

·        Second, there should be complete mutual respect between the parents and the child. Parents should do their best to remain calm, assertive, and non-aggressive. This is the best way to get your point across without making anyone feel threatened.

·        Parents should also be completely honest and not sugar-coat things that could potentially hurt their children latter on. This will create a feeling of trust that will greatly strengthen the relationship between the parents and their children.

 These concepts are only a small request that I feel may help, and it’s important to know that the examples you set can determine your child’s future and where they end up.

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