If I could be any animal in the world...

When I think of an animal I would like to be I think of a monkey, because monkeys are the coolest animals on the planet. I mean they pretty much do what they please and come and go as they please. They donít have to go to school, they donít have to work, they are lazy they pretty much hang around all day, or sleep or eat and those are my favorite things to do sit around the house sleep watch T.V. eat. I love to do all of those things and being human I have responsibilities and rules and laws to go by. Like when your a kid you have to go to school if you donít you get in big trouble and trust me i know because thatís why Iím here. When you are an adult you have to have a job to pay your bills and so you can have money for food and clothes and other needs. you have to pay your car payments. If you donít do these things you will be homeless and you would prob. freeze and starve to death. I would love to be a monkey because they have very few responsibilities and they can sleep eat whatever whenever they want. Monkeys are also the closest things on earth to humans so i wouldnít be totally dumb or anything I would be smart. I could have babies and pretty much live a normal life and be lazy at the same time.

              Also my aunt has a pet spider monkey and it is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life its so loving and caring and smart. She will give you a hand shake and she can wave, she does all of these neat things and still has hardly any responsibilities in life. my aunt spoils here rotten she even named her Cinderella. She has a bed and everything my aunt basically treats her like her own child. When i go over to my aunt house she plays with my fingers and tickles my toes. She is so cute i just hug her and squeeze her. She also kisses to its the cutest thing. And she is very small she weighs just about nothing. So thatís the animal I would be if I could choose to be an animal cause I think monkeys are the coolest animals in the world.

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