My grandmother Lou was the type of grandma that loved for her grandchildren to go and intervene in church. But she didn't put up with the sleeping. No, not my grandma Lou. She would fight you over the sermon our pastor was preaching. And if you didn't pay any attention to what he was saying you was bound to have major consequences and that was for a fact.

I had a history of sleeping in church so thatís why my grandma always put me in the pew in front of her. And she watched me sharply, I could feel grandma's old eye's studying the back of my neck. Longing to thump or pinch me as soon as I doze off. So every time it was time for one of the deacons to pray I would thank god cause I knew I would have a chance to fall asleep while they were praying. So one Sunday I tried that stunt too many times and got caught up while everyone was finished praying. I couldn't believe that I had to stand in the corner the rest of the church sermon. I was so embarrassed because just about everyone had there eyes on me. And on top of that I had a consequence when I got home which was standing in the corner with my arms out and with my weakest leg up

Plus I had two big yellow page phone books in each of my palms. I have never screamed and cried so loud in all my life . But when I did cry my grandma told me I was going to be alright because it was the same way Jesus was crucified and I should have paid attention in church. But after that I donít think I fell asleep again until a year later.

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