by Brittany

As I sit here, alone in my room, I wonder what I did to deserve this pain.  Will I ever be happy again, or will I always be ashamed?


When I think of the time we shared, I wonder if you even knew me at all or even cared.


What did you see when you looked into my eyes?  Did you see the hurt I had inside?  Could you understand why I had cried so many tears? Did you think about my pain from all these years?


I know you have suffered through a lot, too, but you put on a front and would not let any of that show.  It hurt me to know you even had to act with me because all I wanted to do was help you, too.


However, I never thought we would end so soon.  You have to understand I was happiest with you, just holding your hand or with your comforting arm around me.


Now I miss those things, because even though they were little things, they meant the most to me.  Because they showed you truly cared, whether you wanted to admit it or not.


Now with those things gone, my world seems cold and lonely.


And I cannot help but wonder if I will ever have those things again.  Or will it ever be between us again?  I guess the true questions are-Who? When? and For how long?


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