by: Katrina

           Hi my name’s Katrina and I was 6 years old when this took place. It was an event I could never forget that scarred me for life. I want to tell the world about an incident that took place long ago, well not that long only about nine years; but anyway here's the story. Pay attention so you don't get lost.

          "Ah… he's… he's perfect, thank you so much daddy" I said to my daddy he'd just gotten me a new puppy he was a full-blooded husky and he was beautiful.

          " I knew you would love him but we still have one big problem." Said dad.

          " What do you mean?" I asked

"He doesn’t have a name," he said.

" I want to name him Ozzy!" I shrieked.

" why Ozzy," my dad asked.

" Because I like that name and he's big so the name fits," I said.

" Okay Ozzy it is, how about seeing if young Ozzy hear is hungry. Oh yeah don’t forget to set your alarm clock your early birthday party is at 10:00 am. 

" okay dad, come on Ozzy come on boy good boy." I was so happy I really didn’t want to set the alarm clock just then but hey I loved presents who doesn’t. I ran in my room to set the alarm and Ozzy followed me in my room we played and played all day and night. He was an awesome dog and he protected me like nothing else I could get in trouble and not even get punched for it because he was always there to protect me. Even when my brother and I would fight I would win because Ozzy would always scare him and I would yell loser. My dad said that I was spending to much time with him and that nobody else could. I just said so he's mine and I don’t have to let many one spend time with him. But even if you tried as some as I left the room he'd follow and it was funny because my dad said that he wouldn’t so I let him try and sure enough he followed and well by dad… he was being drug along.

When my Sixth birthday came up I had to go visit my mom for the weekend and I couldn't bring Oz I was so sad. I started crying because Ozzy was running as fast as he could to catch up with the car he was so determined to catch up with us he didn’t see the on coming car. It hit him.

I cried

"Mommy stop please they hit Ozzy," she looked back and slammed on the breaks. I jumped out and grabbed him and put my arms around his big old neck and just hugged him. He died right there in my arms. It was on my sixth birthday and it was the worst one ever my mom even cried because she knew how much I loved him and she said it hurt her to see me so upset.

          Right after it happened I could eat or sleep nothing he was my one and only best friend and he died because he could get to me. I was leaving him and he hated it. It caused him to die right there in my arms. Sure I'll get another dog but none as great as him.


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