I have a cat named Kat. Heís my little baby kitty cat. We still have him now and I think heís about a year old. See I found him roaming around our apartment complex and I just fell in love with him, and hereís how it happenedÖ

It was about mid-December on a cold frosty morning that I came across a something, that something happened to be a kitten, a little light gray kitten with smokey gray stripes. It was sitting on the sidewalk watching me closely as I approached it. As soon as I came near to pet him, he ran off, so I just kept on walking. I was walking in the opposite direction that the cat had gone towards the library, (thatís where I was going in the first place). I was walking for about a minute and I noticed that the cat was following me, very cautiously, but it was. I still continued to walk to the library, and when I got there the cat was there again sitting there as if he was waiting for me to get there. Again I tried to pet it but it took off once more. I went into the library, did what I had to do, and came back out and started off home. I figured the cat had left and went somewhere else because I was in the library for a half-an-hour. When I got to the end of the street, I saw the cat again at the corner if the sidewalk, watching me just like it was before. This time I ignored it and I decided to just go home because it was starting to get cold and dark. I got to the railroad tracks, about a yard from my house, and I saw the cat running down the road about thirty feet behind me. I stood there amazed watching it, and I started walking again. When I got to my front door, the cat hopped up on my porch and meowed at me. I picked him up, very carefully just in case he scratched me or wanted to run off again. I took him inside and he automatically started to purr, so I started to pet him. I fed him a little bit because he seemed hungry, and hungry he was! As he was eating I noticed how thin he looked, I felt sorry for the kitten, and I wanted to keep him.

About a month later we got used to the cat, and it seemed that he got used to us. He usually ran in and out our house eating and going, sleeping and going and in and out he went.

My other cat Gizmo, that we had already had for two years, didnít really like him because she was used to being the "queen" of the house, (thatís the main reason why I couldnít keep the cat). She got aggravated by him a lot because he would always try to eat out of her food bowl, play with her, sometimes he would even try to lay by her and cuddle with her like she was his mom, but Gizmo completely, did not, whatsoever, want anything to do with that little gray kitten. She would do anything she could to keep that kitten away from her, sheíd run from him, growl and hiss at him, and even try to swipe at him with her paws, but this little kitty was brave, he tried his hardest to get her to like him, it was as if he was wanting her to like him, just begging for her approval.

We tried to keep him out of Gizmoís way as much as possible. I usually snuck him in my room at night, and I did this for a while, until one day my mom said, "That cat has got to go, and heís not coming back in this house, heís driving Gizmo crazy!" I was mad, I screamed at Gizmo and told her that I really liked that cat and it was because of her that I canít have it, she turned and walked away as if she was proud. I started crying, I had never wanted anything more than I wanted that cat in my life, and I couldnít help it but to cry. That cat was small, helpless, and defenseless.

I sat there for thirty minutes or so and here came along Gizmo, she wanted me to pet her but I didnít, I was mad at her. Next, came along the little gray kitten, I grabbed him instantly. Gizmo stalked off looking hurt, but I didnít care, I had the kitty that I wanted so bad, for the last time.

The next day came so quick for me. My mom was getting stuff ready for lunch, and I was about to take the cat to these people who were going to take care of him and keep him, but just then it was like a miracle had happened, Gizmo and the little kitten were playing! I was so happy, I yelled for my mom to come and see. She looked at me and I looked at her, I said, " So can we keep him?" She said to me almost instantly, " I donít see why not." I was jumping for joy.

About two months had passed since the day of the miracle, now we had decided to call the cat, Kat. Gizmo and Kat became like mother and son, they were like best friends, I mean they were like salt and pepper. Gizmo now cuddled with him let him eat out of her food bowl and they play constantly. It makes me happy to see them together like that, and I still wonder why are they so close. To this day I think that Gizmo knew that I wanted that kitty so bad, more than anything, I think that she accepted him because of me, and it makes me happy to know that she did this for me, Iím proud to have her and my little baby kitty as a pet.

ÖI still wonder why miracles like mine happen and Iíll have to keep on wondering, but itís funny how you can somehow communicate with your pets in a way that they understand you and you feel like you can understand them, thatís probably why I fell in love with my kitty in the first place, that is the whole miracle of it.


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