Harvest Day-Appalachian Exploration

   As America moved into the industrial age, men and women in the region called Appalachia were still piecing quilts, weaving baskets, and making dulcimers-painstaking handwork done just as their ancestors had done it for two hundred years.  The first settlers there made household items, musical instruments, art objects, and toys from the abundant natural materials they found nearby.

   Utica Elementary School has held the traditional Harvest Day event for more years than many of us can remember.  We would like to thank all of the dedicated volunteers, past and present staffs of Utica Elementary and the students who have given their hearts and minds to the study of how our ancestors worked and played.

   We are pleased that we have the opportunity to continue our study of our culture and we look forward to the exploration of the Appalachian culture.  Utica Elementary School would like to thank all of the folks who have helped enrich the lives of our students with all of their hard dedication and commitment to the Harvest Day-Appalachian Exploration project.