I thought

I thought you were flawless

Could never do wrong

I never did realize

I held on for so long

I thought you were perfect

Doing everything right

I felt that I was in Heaven

Wrapped in your arms so tight

I thought you cared for me

That it was just me and you

I never thought possible

Some of the things that you’d do

I thought when we were together

Things went like they should

I still don’t understand

Never imagined you would

I thought you really liked me

You always seemed so nice

I began to get attached

Wanting to share with you my life

I thought all the times

You would disappear

Truly were important

I trusted you my dear

I thought when stories started

They would soon go away

You told me you loved me

You asked me to stay

I thought by giving you my heart

We’d be like a perfect song

I never did imagine

That what I thought could be so wrong


Death is so unfair

It made you die

Before I could say goodbye

Why couldn’t it be me

You’re needed not only by me

But everybody

You lit up a room every time you’d smile

There was never a dull day with you around

I was so happy when you were alive

I would give my life to see you

At least one more time


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